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GRSE has been taking steps to ensure simplification in the process and procedures, adopt modern practice and technology, enhance capacity and modernize infrastructure and improve on governance, in line with Government’s commitment for strong and effective Public Sector whose social objectives are met by its commercial functions.

Integrated Shipbuilding Facility
GRSE had stepped into a huge modernization programme which had doubled its Large Ship Building Capacity in the Main Works. The new Integrated Shipbuilding Facility was inaugurated by Shri Jitendra Singh, Hon’ble RRM on 06 June 2013. The modernization programme included:-

  • One Dry Dock measuring 180 X 29 X 10 M having 10000 DWT launching capacity.
  • One Inclined Berth measuring 180 X 23 M having 4500 DWT launching capacity.
  • Portable Shelters over the Dry Dock and Inclined Berth.
  • Module Hall for building of large pre-outfitted blocks of upto 200 Tonnes.
  • Blast and Paint Cell
  • One Goliath Crane of 250 Tonne capacity covering the Module Hall, Dry Dock and Inclined Berth.
  • Two additional River Jetties.
  • Central Pier, Amenity Block, Pavements etc

The other existing structures in the Main Yard include the following:

  • Wet Basin and Dry Dock
    GRSE’s 117.80 X 25 X 8 M fully covered non-tidal wet basin with 2 X 10T EOT Cranes is ideally suited for all weather fitting-out of medium and small ships, while the 160m X 25m X 8m Dry Dock with 2 X 40T Goliath Cranes is suited for construction/ repair of ships upto 26000 DWT.
  • Building Berths
    In addition to Dry Dock, GRSE’s facility include one Building Berth, measuring 180m X 25m. This is equipped with 2 X 40/10 T Cranes and supporting fabrication shops to facilitate faster job turnaround.
  • River Jetties
    The two River Jetties can berth vessels upto 60m in length and ideally suited for out-fitting/ repair of smaller vessels.
  • Additional Facilities - Boat Shed for Manufacture of Fast Interceptor Boat
    • 2 Air Conditioned and Humidity controlled shops having 6 bays ranging from 18m-40m in length.
    • Capable of Building Crafts upto 20m.
    • Construction of 12T and 5T FRP Fast Interceptor Boats for Coastal Police.
Description Quantum Length(M) Breadth(M) Depth(M) Cranage
Type Range(T)
Main Yard :          
i) Existing Facilities:          
Dry Dock (10,000T Launching capacity) 1 180.00 27.00 8.00 Goliath 2x40T/10T
Building Berth (3000T Launching capacity) 1 177.00 25.00 - Goliath 2x40T/10T
Wet Basin(Covered) 1 109.00 25.00 8.00 EOT 2 x 10T
River side Jetty 2 26.00 11.00 - - 2 x 10T
ii) Additional Facilities After Modernisation:    
Dry Dock (10,000T Launching capacity) 1 180.00 29.00 10.00 - 1X250T
Inclined Berth (4500T Launching capacity) 1 180.00 23.00 - Goliath 1X250T
Module Hall 1 99.00 30.00 - Goliath 1X250T
Paint Cell for Pre Outfitted Blocks upto 200T 1 128.00 26.00 - Goliath 1X250T