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The FOJ (Fitting Out Jetty) Unit of GRSE is dedicated to fitting out and repair of ships. Fitting-out, or "outfitting”, is the process in modern shipbuilding that follows the float-out of a vessel and precedes sea trials. It is the period when all the remaining construction of the ship is completed and readied for delivery to her owners. Since most of the fitting-out process is interior work, this stage can overlap with latter stages, such as the sea trials. Over the years, GRSE has come to be regarded as a benchmark for efficient and economical repair of commercial as well as Naval and Coast Guard Vessels, including specialized repairs and conversions of ships. GRSE’s vast inhouse facilities are also augmented by hiring larger Dry Docks of the Kolkata Port Trust on as and when required basis.

At FOJ Unit, ship or erection units are outfitted with propulsion equipment and support equipment, such as plumbing, electrical installations etc. Also ship’s power plant, other machineries are fitted and furnishings are installed and interior spaces are finished. Depending on the type of vessels, fitting out lasts few months to many months, e.g. for smaller ships like IPVs take a few months time while the bigger ships like Frigates, Corvettes take many months time. Contemporary ship construction usually has the vessel returning to Dry Dock few times again for installation of propulsion mechanisms and for the painting of surfaces below the waterline.

For ship repair at FOJ, GRSE ensure minimum downtime for vessels under repair. Through the experienced shipyard personnel and facilities including modernized pipe shop with computer numeric control pipe bending machine and flanging machine along with structural shop and store, GRSE can quickly and efficiently respond to topside repair needs on everything from supply boats to deep sea vessels.

Facility Quantum Length (M) Breadth (M) Depth (M) Cranage
Type Range (T)
Naval Complex Jetty 1 229 10 7 Tower 25
Finger Jetty 1 184.5 11.43 7 Level Luffing 15